Joe Medwid // UX, Illustration, Design
Venture // Productivity App for Mobile Workers
Venture was created as an assignment for Prof. Haakon Faste's Interaction Design Studio at the Carnegie Mellon Human-Computer Interaction Institute. Designed with the needs of mobile workers in mind, it enables them to quickly adjust their daily schedules and driving routes to stay as productive as possible. After a brief literature review, our team (myself, Holly Brosnahan, and John Przyborski) conducted a dozen semi-structured interviews with representatives of America's mobile workforce. A mobile app seemed like a perfect fit for these users, as they often couldn't rely on their work laptops to help them stay on schedule and find utilities between appointments.

Go Testing!

After developing initial wireframes and creating a prototype in Microsoft Azure, we conducted several rounds of remote and in-person usability testing in order to validate Venture's unique interface features and core functionality.

Go Touch!

The most prominent UI component in Venture is a ribbon-like timeline that enables users to easily view their daily appointments, see estimated travel time, and reschedule events quickly when necessary.

Go Mapping!

Using our personas and their associated user stories for guidance, we mapped out all the necessary interactions and work flows within the app.